My half term.

The first half term of year 3 is nearly over. Leave a comment and share your favourite memories from the term.

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  1.    Abdirashid Says:

    This half term my Favourite things in this school are P.E, P.S.H.E., playtime, Spanish, Music and I.C.T. My Favourite lessons in the Classroom are Literacy,Numeracy,D.T and Art. I also like Humanities, R.E. and Science.

  2.    afrah Says:

    In the half term,i enjoyed learnig about sculpteres in art the most fun bite is when
    we biulting scuipters with legosji

  3.    roheen Says:

    I enjoyed this class room because they new class room and toilet . i like this class room because you can talk to your friends when you are eating your dinner . i like this new building because you can change your book and they are new book you can read that is intersting.I like this new building because they are new teachers and they is a new hall and before lunch time you can read book and you can have a long play time . you can have new thing like new book new tokens and new doors.I like this new building because they are camera when they are robbers the camera can look and mr cook can look at it

  4.    Khumbolathu Says:

    I have enjoyed this autumn term. I have enjoyed the art we did when we made our own sculpture of a city. I remember writing our story in our books when we did literacy. My favorite thing in this autumn term is science. My favorite lesson was when we went outside and explored all the different types of soil.My favorite lesson in maths was when we exchanged hundreds with tens. In Spanish I remember doing conversations with my partner Tim & Farah. In humanities I remember doing the life cycle of a river. In music we have been learning how to play the recorder. My favorite note is A.

  5.    nida Says:

    My favourite memory is spanish when Mrs Heap was talking about Miss Paveen in a box and my second favourite memory is yestarday at the fun fair when I met Zainab and we went on three rides together.

  6.    Tim Says:

    My favourite lesson of the term is ICT. In ICT we sent comments to different teachers in different schools and we sent comments to our own blog and wrote the rights of our school. I also enjoyed art. We did overlapping with shapes and made a sculpture of a city by folding shapes. In Spanish we learnt how to do conversations and learnt greetings such as Adios which means goodbye.In maths this term we did adding and subtraction and in literacy we wrote our own version of The Witch’s Children. In P.E we did throwing and catching with a rugby ball. In music we are using the recorder and we learnt some notes. The notes we have learnt are B,A and G. In humanities we are doing geography and in geography we’re learning about rivers. In R.E we’re learning about believing in god.

  7.    Anas Says:

    My favourite thing this half term Is exchanging in maths and having a new teacher.My best thing is doing ict and pe and music.

  8.    Asra Says:

    In the half term , learned about the witch’s children .

  9.    Rabi Says:

    this half term i really enjoyed doing Spanish because i learned how to say hello,good morning,good afternoon,good evening ,bad,not good,very good. We did conversation we loved doing songs nearly the whole class did it except some people. We did a lot of work in the past 7 weeks we’ve done a lot of work in Spanish and we are very prood of my work.

  10.    faith Says:

    This half term i enjoyed gymnastic club and taekwondo because it is fun doing it in gymnastics club is mostly my favourite because you do kartwheels taekwondo is good it is like doing kung fu.At home i have been doing alot of paintings and arts i made a pop up book of diffrent movies and made up ones.I have been doing alot of work about famous people for an example florance nighing gale .I have been doing pop up books about diffrent countrise.

  11.    Busra20 Says:

    I”d love everything but my favoutite would be the sculptures because we made our own. Also my least was the story in licteracy because we had to think about the problem and that was my problem.But I cant forget google ,THE MOST FUN EVER!Looking at everest made me real . I am for reals .

  12.    Sam Says:

    My favourite subject in this half term is art because I made a hexagon out of rectangles.
    My second favourite subject in this half term is ICT because we found out some new stuff on purple mash.

  13.    Zainab Says:

    My favourite subject is art and craft because it is really fun and creative like me.
    In play time my favourite thing to do is chill out with my friend at play time.
    I am always happy weather if its my vavourite subject or not.

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