Curriculum Newsletter Summer 1

Year 3 Curriculum Newsletter

Summer 1 2017


Literacy – We will be looking at poetry and persuasion. We will be looking at the film WALL – E to help us develop our ideas around these topics. We will also focus on or spellings and punctuation.

Numeracy – We are focusing on Calculations  in a range of contexts and problem solving. We will be introducing new methods to work out calculations and look at place value of numbers.

Science Animals including humans. We are focusing on diet and healthy options. We will also look at nutrition for both animals and humans.

Geography – Investigate Manchester. We are looking into the local area in relation to other areas within Manchester.

R.E. – This half term we will be continuing to look at “Why people pray”.

P.H.S.E. – Our topic is Drugs education and safety. The children will understand how to keep safe and distinguish between right and wrong.

Spanish – We will be learning about food and drink> Spanish foods and look at tasting some of these foods and saying if we like or dislike them.

D&T – Food. Looking at nutrition and cooking. We will also be looking at investigating bread making and making sandwiches. This links to our science topic.

Computing – Taught by Mr Heap

Music – Taught by Mrs Morgan


  • P.E. will be on Wednesday morning so please make sure you have your kit with you. We will be working outside this half term.
  • Homework will be given out on a Thursday and expected back in no later than Tuesday of the following week.
  • Spellings are given on a Wednesday and need to be learnt for the following Wednesday.

Many Thanks the Year 3 Team

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